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  1. Damiano says:

    Hello. I’ve read “Go vs D vs Erlang vs C in real life: MQTT broker implementation shootout”. Good Article but when i try to compile the code with dub i get “Error: module cerealed from file ..\..\..\cerealed-master\cerealed\package.d conflicts with package name cerealed”.
    I am a newbie with D but I have a long experience with c/c++.
    The compiler is DMD V2.0.63.2 on Windows 7.
    Did i miss something? I’d like to implemente the broker on Windows for a sensor network based on Texas Instruments CC3000 over wifi.

    • atilaneves says:

      That’s because I used the new package imports available in dmd 2.064. You can either upgrade or change every instance of “import cerealed” with the appropriate needed import e.g. “import cerelaed.cerealiser”.

  2. ylluminate says:

    Thanks for your writeup. I discovered this while digging around on the D mailing list archives. I am curious, would your erlang friend be interested in writing an Elixir version? I have been contemplating using it for some projects, but this has me really thinking now. Thanks!

  3. ahto says:

    The “pingtest (latency – bigger is better)” headline looks suspect to me. Normally lower latency is preferred. If this is not just a typo, perhaps better to include some explanation.

  4. sezdocs says:

    Hello Atila,

    Probably this is not the best place to ask for it, but can you make your emacs.d configuration public? I’m curious to see how you using it and the tweaks you make for the editor in general and specially to the c++ language.

    Speaking of c++, may I ask you how do you deal with some bugs of cc-mode (like the one that breaks indentation sometimes when writing a new #include to the file) and the lack of support for c++11/14 new language keywords, features, etc.


    • atilaneves says:

      I’m still dealing with a lot of cc-mode bugs, and want to write a replacement. But that’ll take a lot of time. I tweaked some c++-mode stuff to make it more bearable, but still.

      I posted my emacs config in this thread:

      • sezdocs says:

        Actually I found that link right after I posted here, but thanks anyway, your init.el helped me a lot to get my ide-like emacs better.

        May I ask you, can you make public some other files of your configuration? To be more specific, the atilla-c++.el which seems to be tweaks you talked about, and c++-include-files.el.

        Thanks again!

  5. Hi Átila,

    I couldn’t find your email anywhere, so I figured I would try to reach out to you here.

    I was just wondering if you have any Cisco certifications?
    If so, which ones in particular?
    And are they worth it?

    The reason I ask is that I’m trying to get a job as a C++ Developer, and I feel that I would be a heck of a lot more marketable if I had any of these certifications.


  6. Dennis Ferron says:

    I’m watching a video of your 2019 DConf talk. I’m in a similar situation as you describe about Cisco. I inherited a large codebase which communicates via serial port. The culture is end-to-end testing with real hardware; there are no unit tests. I’m between a rock and hard place because I don’t want to make changes without unit tests, but I can’t make the code testable without changing it. The book, Working Effectively with Legacy Code, has been helpful. Do you have any advice for me?

    • atilaneves says:

      The best advice would be to read that book, but you’ve already done that.

      The next step is to do what I did in the same situation: mock/fake _everything_. At one point I wrote a CLI program that mimicked the real hardware just to test my testing framework on it… Another time we faked all the operating system headers we used in our project so we could run tests on Linux instead.

      Look into hexagonal testing / ports and adapters.

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