CppCon 2015: Day two

So it turns out Herb Sutter’s talk about writing good and correct C++14 by default was an extension of Bjarne’s from the first day. We finally got to see the static analysis tool in real life, and as far the examples they chose go, it seems to work. Colour me impressed.

The really surprising thing was that there will be annotations for establishing lifetimes, just like Rust. Is this the Rustification of C++? Will it eat Rust’s lunch? Time will tell, I guess.

The other main talk was Gabriel dos Reis and the proposed module system for C++. As always, due to backwards compatibility things are… more complicated than I expected. Modules would be a huge deal for C++, but the way things are looking now it’s going to mean all sorts of new complications. I’ll have to play with it but that’ll mean using Visual Studio, which I’m not too keen on.

My Emacs talk was well received as well, which isn’t too bad.


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