Emacs as a Python 3 IDE: at last!

Emacs is my editor of choice, I use it to write nearly everything. I have to write Python at work, which I’m ok with since I’m generally a fan of the language. For that I use ropemacs, (with jedi, flycheck and flake8) which makes it possible to use the rope refactoring library from Emacs. Mostly I use it for “go to definition” but its refactoring features are obviously also super useful.

Now, I like new and shiny tech. I run Arch Linux for a reason. I jumped on the C++11 and C++14 bandwagons as soon as I heard about them. So in the Python version debate, if I have a choice I’d go with Python 3 which has been the default on Arch for a while now anyway.

Imagine my dismay when nothing worked anymore in Python 3. My awesome editing environment gone. Rope has a Python 3 version, but ropemacs and ropemode (which ropemacs depends on) don’t. Sadness.

But wait, open source to the rescue! I forked both ropemode and ropemacs and after some porting and much debugging got to something that works: ropemacs_py3k. Enjoy! I know I will.


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