Summary of CppCon videos I’ve watched so far

There seemed to be a theme going at DConf 2014. Or a few. Lots of “metaprogramming is great but hard” (including my talk) and also lots of “the GC got in the way somehow”.

After watching a few of the CppCon videos from this year, it seems to me that it also has a few recurrent themes. Quite a few talks mentioned using custom allocators but completely doing away with exceptions and/or templates. It seems these practices are more widespread than I thought. It still troubles me that nobody seems interested in measuring what the effects would be. I hear a lot of “exceptions would slow this down”, but no measurements. “Template bloat” shows up a lot but I don’t understand how the code woudn’t be just as large if doing them by hand, bar pathological instances of generating code for int/uint and the like. Besides, isn’t that premature optimisation anyway? Write it neat, then cut down on memory usage if using too much.

Really interesting talks, I recommend everyone to check it out.


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